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The Mod Closet Mash Up: WHERE TO SHOP RIGHT NOW!

Here’s your Mod Closet Mash Up and where to shop this week.  And, remember if you’re out and about hop on over to The Mod Closet Facebook Group (search groups for ‘The Mod Closet Group’ or follow the link in the Mod Closet Facebook page) to peacock your photos and give a shout out to the venue/event.

Mod girls if you’re looking for vintage/retro mod shoes, accessories and shift dresses then head over to Facebook sellers Bouffant Betty and The Psychedelic Lounge.

Boys should also  check out the Psychedelic Lounge for some really smart Gabicci, Ben Sherman & Fred Perry polo shirts.

Tattybojangles has a range of dresses, size 8-14 for £23.50 each, including some great Mod style collared dresses.  Lynda Turner Brown at Tattybojangles  also offers a search service and viewings by appointment.  See the Tattybojangles Facebook  page for more details.

I feel I should give Tattybojangles a special mention after my husband tried to strip Mr Tattybojangles of his green polo shirt at the Paul Weller concert in Sherwood Pines on Saturday 14th.  It was a pretty nice polo shirt!

Tattybojanges at

Tattybojanges at

A shout out to new US based eBay seller Melissa  Mestas who has some fantastic vintage dresses for sale – UK buyers should take advantage of exchange rates (one dress has my name written all over it; if I win it I’ll let you know how the seller experience was!).  Check out her items, seller k.o.queen on eBay

Question: Do you Mod girls find it difficult to find Mod womenswear (shirts and polos for example)?  A discussion started up on the facebook group Just Us MOD Girls and it seems that many of you are shopping for and buying mens shirts and polos.  I often have the conversation with my husband about whether men wear vintage/second hand clothes – is there a completely different shopping culture for Mod girls and boys?  Expect a blog post on this in the near future!

MOD BOYS!  I can’t believe there are still £100 suits still available on the Atom Retro website!

atom retro £100 suit

George has already received his and is delighted!  AND it was only £90 thanks to a 10% discount for entering Atom’s World Cup competition.  Get over there now and pick one up before June 23rd while stocks last at

Mod Closet favourite Adaptor Clothing has just taken delivery of Mikkel Rude 67 Aviators, super rare with brown lenses.

Adaptor clothing Mikkel Rude aviators

Head over to

sales have started

And finally … will you be tuned in to Channel 4’s This Old thing: The Vintage Clothes Show 8pm this Wednesday June 25th?  From the ad it looks like they’ll be showing you how to shop and refresh/alter vintage pieces. As a relatively new dressmaker, who’s doing exactly this I can’t wait! I’ll let you know my thoughts after the show…

Dawn O’Porter, presenter This Old Thing: The Vintage Clothes Show

Dawn O’Porter, presenter This Old Thing: The Vintage Clothes Show

A footnote from me: I founded The Mod Closet to focus specifically on Mod style (including our Rude, Ska and Northern Soul brothers and sisters).  I hope to build a community of designers, retailers/sellers and, most importantly us, the wearers of Mod clothing to encourage discussion and share resources.  I figure that the worst that can happen is that this project will enrich my social interactions.

I have to admit that I am intrigued to discover where this blog and The Mod Closet takes me.  I know that this particular post reads like a giant advert for the sellers of Mod clothing but it’s a reflection of the conversations happening inside The Mod Closet (after two crazy weeks of operating) and in the wider Mod community.  My expectation is that it will develop over time and contain new and curated features and articles.


Thank you for reading this far! Beccy x

The disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is to bring you news and updates on Mod style & where to find it.  My aim is to feature mostly smaller businesses, labels, sellers and designers but will include any fab items and great deals when I see them.  I am not affiliated with or being paid by any of the companies I feature.  The information is accurate and up to date, at the time of writing to the best of my knowledge and any comments & recommendations are based solely on my own opinions and experience.  This is a blog post from a shopaholic, frustrated stylist/dressmaker/tailor and Mod


  1. Margot McClane says

    Fantastic blog…..Informative, and with its’ finger on the pulse of modernist styling…..Many thanks for the mention, too!…..Margot (The Psychedelic Lounge).


  2. bouffantbetty65 says

    The Mod Closer forum and fb group is excellent, informative and more important. ..friendly!
    Huge thanks for the mention!
    Bb xx


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