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Moda Mod Event and Double Diamond Scooter Rally

This Rebel Mod is feeling exhausted after a jam-packed weekend. George and I headed over to the Double Diamond Scooter Club rally on Friday night.  It was a bit quiet (early doors) but we did manage to catch the first band on; The Haze, a young band from Princes Risborough before heading back before the weather hit. The challenge of being the first band on the first night of a two night festival is the limited audience, many of whom were still enjoying camp life away from the performance area. However, even with a man down their performance was spot on; the maturity of the performance belying their young age. I can’t help thinking they won’t be the opening act for long!

Young band from Princes Risborough opening the DDSC weekend with a mix of anthemic Mod covers and original material.

Young band from Princes Risborough opening the DDSC weekend with a mix of anthemic Mod covers and original material.

We had planned to scoot over for the day on Saturday but the weather had us beating a retreat and we opted for a quiet one in town (Oxford) instead; the benefit being I could enjoy a couple of (large) glasses of wine.  The photos and posts on social media would indicate that those that braved the weather were rewarded with great bands and DJ’s spinning tunes under cover.  And, later enjoyed the romance of the storm and natures fireworks from beneath their temporary nylon homes and around dampened camp fires.  I must admit to a small twinge of feeling left out when I read all about it in retrospect but it was spectacularly short-lived for this luxury-loving mid-life Mod.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So, never one to apply sense and comfort before style I opted for bare legs and open toed shoe boot for my night on the town, which I was questioning the minute the storm hit while we were huddled under a bus shelter. Such was the downpour that the drains were overburdened and roads flooded almost instantly, which you can see  in the video below (that white mist you can see out of the window is flood water  being washed up by the bus, to almost the height of the window).  However, one of us obviously has good karma because the rain stopped about 25 minutes later, the moment the bus pulled up to our stop.  Crisis averted!  We may like our home comforts and room service over campsite facilities but if we stayed home or applied common footwear sense every time poor weather was forecast life would grind to a dull stop… in Crocs!

… that reminds me, apparently Birkenstocks are making a come-back. I predict I’ll end up with as many pairs of Birkenstocks as I have Crocs.  Absolute Zero!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early, slightly hungover and ready to make the journey up to Wolverhampton for the MODA British & Italian Mod event at the Light House Media Centre put on by Blondies Vintage Events and The Psychedelic Lounge.

Ellen Roberts from Blondies and Kelly Jeffs from Light House Media

Ellen Roberts from Blondies and Kelly Jeffs from Light House Media

Margot McClane from Psychedelic Lounge

Margot McClane from Psychedelic Lounge

The day included a double bill of cult classic movies Roman Holiday and Quadrophenia followed by the live streaming of the Monty Python Live broadcast from the O2 Arena.  With allocated scooter parking and 60s/mod/Italian themed stalls set against a backdrop of beautiful props and super cool tunes it promised to be a good day out; and, it didn’t disappoint.  Once you enter the Light House Media Centre you are literally bathed in sunlight from the glass apex roof under which the traders offered up their vintage and Mod delights.  Amongst the vintage clothing stalls were Mod Closet favourites The Psychedelic Lounge, Petticoat Vintage and Tattybojangles.  There were tempting sugar treats from Sally’s sweet Oasis, vintage clothing and homewares from Kiki & Honey Productions and, if you like your vintage sounds cranked up to their digital best then you had to swing by Base Case’s vintage suitcase speakers and amps that can be cable or blue tooth connected to your mobile devices.  We even found tiny scooter earrings and charms nestled among a table of jewellery all handmade by Suzi of Suzi’s scoots.  If I had a single complaint it would be that I wanted more.  More, more, more!

However, by far the highlight of the day was meeting so many lovely people some of whom I know will become firm friends.  I’ve been an avid social ‘mediarite’ for years but, since setting up The Mod Closet my interactions with others outside of my ‘normal’ friend group have become more enriched and rewarding and Moda was a fantastic example, indeed one of the first ‘real-world’ examples of how social media activity has enriched my network of friends and made these types of events far more enjoyable.  If all that wasn’t special enough Original Mod and Continentalist Gill Evans from  ModTogs, George and I were asked to judge the best scooter in show, which I was ridiculously excited about.

And, of course I found the time to do a little shopping.  Well, it would be rude not to!

George and I went to a fair and ended up spending the day with friends.

Next stop for the Rebel Rover: Weston Super Mare National Scooter Rally July 25-27.  The hotel is booked (this Mid-Life Mod needs room service and closet space!) and the outfit list is being compiled; although, with the weather forecast set to be hot and humid the challenge may be how to style up a pair of cut-off Levi’s … vintage of course!

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