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Icons & Influencers: Margot McClane

Connecting with people who share a common interest is a joyful and enriching experience. By far one of my favourite things, about being part of the Mod and Scooter scenes, are the people I have met and the friends I have made. The Mod Closet’s Icons & Influencers series aims to celebrate women in the Mod and Scooter (and related) scenes. Over the next twelve months I will be talking to twelve wonderful women, who have agreed to share their stories and experiences with us. These are the real people, like you and I, who shape the scene by being active in it. They are The Scene!

I am delighted to be able to kick off the Mod Closet’s Icons & Influencers series by introducing you to the stunning Margo McClane…

Margot Profile

…Margot and I met on Facebook. George bought a number of items from Margot’s online store, The Psychedelic Lounge; we exchanged friend requests and, were finally able to meet in person at the MODA Mod event in Wolverhampton last year.

Click on the picture to go to my 2014 Moda Mod Event blog post…

Margot always looks fabulous! This is a conversation George and I have every time we see a new photo of Margot (and, I’m sure we’re not alone): “Have you seen Margot’s new picture, doesn’t she look amazing?!” …“Margot always looks fabulous!”. Margot inspires me to be a little braver about stepping out of my style comfort zone and trying new looks. Our styles are very different so, this isn’t about copying; it’s about being inspired. Margot clearly understands what suits her, she completely commits to her look and it works incredibly well. Margot inspires me to be a little braver, to explore my own style and take my own look a step further than I might otherwise have done.

Margot, tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live?

I currently live in the West Midlands, and own an online vintage clothing business. Previous to this, I was in Senior Management, in the Health and Social Care sector. I am also a professional Artist. I have a degree in Fine Art and, since graduating I have been a performance artist and continue to paint and draw. It’s something I would like to think I can devote more time to in the future

HINT: click on the picture to go to Margot's online store on Facebook

HINT: click on the picture to go to Margot’s online store on Facebook

What are your passions?

My passions include all things 60’s: the culture, the art, the clothing and the music.

How did you first become involved in the scene and why is it important?

I first became involved in the scene in 1979, as a 12-year-old discovering the Mod revival. I was way too young at that time to fully participate, so ended up moving through the 2Tone/Punk and Indie subcultures from my teens, until my late thirties. I found myself coming back around full circle, in my fourth decade! My parents had excellent musical taste, so I had grown up in the 60’s/70’s hearing lots of early R&B, Ska/Bluebeat, 60’s Pop, Motown/Soul and 50’s Big Band and Doo Wop. Their musical tastes were eclectic, and I think that’s stayed with me. Don’t limit yourself, and keep an open mind. I think that is the key to individuality.

The one song that always makes me think of my childhood is Only You by The Platters. My dad had it played to my mum as she stepped off the plane in Hong Kong when she first arrived. He had been stationed there and she had followed some time later. I never tire of hearing that song; or that story!

The one song that always makes me think of my childhood is Only You by The Platters. My dad had it played to my mum as she stepped off the plane in Hong Kong. He had been stationed there, and she had followed some time later. I never tire of hearing this song …or that story! (HINT: click on the photo to hear the song)

This scene is important to me, for a variety of reasons. It promotes an interest in excellent music, and provides good grounding in style and going the extra mile to remain well turned-out. The scene also has a lot of lovely people involved in it, who have the same passion for all of the above, which is great.

Describe your personal style and its influences and inspirations?

My personal style is again, highly influenced by my parents. My Father was stationed in Hong Kong with the R.A.F during the early sixties, and both my Mum and Dad had all of their clothing made by the local Tailors and Seamstresses. It was so cheap to do, back then; I remember the amazing suits my father wore, and my Mothers’ breath taking dresses, usually made from Chinese Silk. My parents were always immaculate. I myself love classic tailoring, bold colour, and clever design. Mixing all of those elements, can produce some very unique styling. My wardrobe consists of mainly vintage items. As a vintage seller, I always have my eyes open for quality at a good price, but will pay a lot more for an item, if I really want it.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

I shop online, and use charity shops regularly. I rarely visit the High Street as they don’t seem to have what I’m looking for. A favourite retailers is Vintage Belle Retro Queen owned by Francesca McEvoy, in Vannes, France. Francesca has some beautiful French vintage items which she is always happy to post out. Chasingnostalgia1961 on ebay is also great for picking up vintage at a reasonable price. I may, occasionally, find the odd thing on the High Street; I do feel that some clothing retailers are catching on by using the right tailoring, shapes, lengths and patterns.

Hint: click on the picture to go to Vintage Belle's online store on Facebook

Hint: click on the picture to go to Vintage Belle’s online store on Facebook

What do you scrimp on?

I tend to scrimp on make up! I don’t really buy expensive make up products, but do spend quite a lot on skin care products. I think looking after my skin is important, especially as I get older.

What do you splurge on?

I will always splurge on vintage coats and shoes. Vintage shoes, in good condition, are not always easy to find. If you’re lucky to find NOS shoes (new, old stock, never worn, and probably stored away for years in their original boxes), expect to pay top money for them! Always worth it.

A selection of Margot's vintage shoe collection

A selection of Margot’s vintage shoe collection (above) and, a sneak peak inside her Mod Closet below…

Is there a missed purchase you most regret?

My missed purchase that I most regret is a a pair of Emerald Green vintage shoes and matching bag. I hesitated just that little bit too long!

The outfit or item you regret getting rid of?

I got rid of a gorgeous 60’s dress by DollyRockers, about 3 years ago. Had only worn it once after buying, and then sold it. Grrrrrr!

The outfit or item you will never get rid of?

I will never get rid of my Teal Blue Welsh Wool tapestry cape, and matching skirt. They can be worn together, or mixed and matched with other items. Beautiful colour, and terrific styling, all in one outfit.

Your next ‘must-have’ purchase?

I never choose a next ‘must have’ outfit; I’m generally am not a follower of mainstream fashion. If I see something that catches my eye, I’ll buy it. However, I think I will always be on the lookout for that Emerald Green matching shoes and bag combo that I didn’t buy first time around!

Tell me about your favourite outfit

My favourite outfit of the moment is the 1960’s vintage Welsh Wool tapestry cape and matching skirt suit by Celtique (Welsh Wool textiles ltd.) teamed with handbag, Prova emerald green pussy bow blouse (both vintage), mustard tights and vintage deadstock gold lame/black shoes.

Want to see Margot modelling her favourite outfit? Click on the shoes below to go to The Mod Closet Lookbook…

HINT: click on the shoes to go to Margot’s Lookbook outfit!


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  2. Francesca McEvoy - Vintage Belle Retro Queen says

    Margot My Virtual Vintage Friend.
    What An Amazing & Interesting Read.
    May Our Passion Of Vuntage Cintinue.
    Searching & Finding Objects, Treasures, Clothing To Continue The Memories.
    Merci To The Mod Closet Beccy Lee Rodger. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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