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LOOKBOOK: Margot’s Vintage Closet

I’m really excited about a new project launching in The Mod Closet: The ‘Icons & Influencers’ series aims to celebrate women in the Mod and Scooter (and related) scenes. Over the next twelve months I will be talking to twelve wonderful women, who have agreed to share their stories and experiences with us.

We all have the capacity to influence and inspire others, and be positive role models in our everyday lives.  I’m really excited to be able to introduce you to some of the people who have made it an absolute pleasure for me to be a part of the scene.

The always-stylish Margot McClane is the subject of our first ‘Icons and Influencers’ series – you can read Margot’s interview here – As an accompanying piece to the interview, Margot agreed to open up her Mod closet and give us a peak at her favourite outfit for our Lookbook…

Margot Profile

I will never get rid of my teal blue Welsh wool tapestry cape, and matching skirt. They can be worn together, or mixed and matched with other items. Beautiful colour, and terrific styling, all in one outfit.



Click on Daniel’s photo above to visit his website

Photos courtesy of wedding and fine art photographer, Daniel McClane pictured (left) with his mum, Margot. 

To read Margot’s interview in full click on the photo below to go to her edition of the Icons and Influencers series…


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