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Mr Right: 10 Reasons to Marry a Mod

I recently overheard two men talking about their respective wives. There was nothing particularly spectacular about the conversation, in fact it contained all the obligatory clichés: Why does she need MORE shoes? Why does it take her so bloody long to get ready? I’m getting earache (adopts whining tone) “we never go anywhere?”… and it struck me that I couldn’t really imagine hearing George say any of these things (not within earshot anyway!). Later that same day I joked with a friend that, being the clothes obsessed shoeaholic that I am, being married to a Mod definitely has its benefits.  In all seriousness there are many reasons why I love my husband, and love spending time with him; none of them related to Mod. The bottom line is that time is best spent with someone who shares your passions.  However, it did get me thinking about the Mod Man and so, here is my tongue in cheek look at why every girl should marry a Mod…


inside the mod closet

inside my mod closet

The Mod Man always looks good. Modernist Man knows how to dress for every occasion and always looks on point. He has very clear ideas about, not just what to wear but who to wear and when to wear it. He’ll think nothing of spending a rainy Sunday afternoon reorganising his Mod closet, which is coordinated by colour and occasion. Your Mod Husband will pour the wine & crank up the tunes while he helps you re-organise your wardrobe. Remember: The Mod has been around longer than the Metrosexual!

BEWARE: an honest answer to “what do you think of this outfit?”



Mod Male grooming essentials

You will NEVER be embarrassed to be seen out with a Mod Husband. Your MH knows how to take care of himself. His morning routine will rival your own; he’ll have a signature scent, and is probably counting down to his next hair appointment. Your MH will never have a sarcastic word to say about what you spend on personal grooming or beauty products, or how long it takes you to get ready. Modscaping was a thing WAY before Manscaping (probably, even before Ladyscaping).

BEWARE: your vanishing caviar day cream & missing tweezers (but, only when he’s run out of his own!)



Tootal scarves

Tailored, monogrammed shirts, Tootal scarves, bright wool socks; a handkerchief, cravat & colour coordinated Ray-Bans. The Mod Man understands that accessorising means more than a tie pin & cufflinks. They’ll likely have their own shoe closet. Your MH will never ask why you need ANOTHER handbag or pair of shoes, they’re far too busy thinking about what they have/need that will coordinate with your new purchases.

BEWARE: the side-eye if your collars & cuffs don’t match!



coordinated gifts

If you haven’t got it by now Mod is all about attention to detail. Little things matter to a Mod, and this will spill out into real life. Special occasions are enhanced with a Mod Husband. Your MH has intimate knowledge of your likes and dislikes, he’s paid attention. He knows what’s in your Mod Closet, and gifts will be thoughtful and coordinated. The Mod Man remembers the little things and sweats the small stuff.

BEWARE: Mod Man remembers EVERYTHING and sweats the small stuff!



“let’s check out the shops, if there’s time later we can do the touristy thing”

The Mod Male LOVES to shop. Not for him the man sofa and car magazine at the back of the store. A Mod husband is an active participant; he’ll be finding coordinating items while you’re in the fitting rooms. He’ll make styling suggestions based on what’s already in your wardrobe or, even better your MH will point out that you have nothing in your wardrobe suitable, and suggest where to continue shopping for coordinates.

BEWARE: an honest answer to “does my bum look big in this?”



IOW 2015

IOW 2015

Mod Man is a social animal who likes to be seen, and the Mod scene has an active social diary of events. You and you MH will never be bored. There are Mod weekenders, Ska nights and scooter runs;  Northern Soul, vintage fairs and live music venues and concerts. There is always something coming up in the diary, something to look forward to; a reminder of why you go to work!

BEWARE: conflicting agendas (Brighton or Isle of Wight?)



Paul Wellar supporting The Who at Hyde Park

Paul Weller supporting The Who at Hyde Park

Mod Man has great taste in music: Weller, The Who, The Specials; Small Faces. There’s SKA, 6Ts, Northern Soul, popcorn and Britpop. There are podcasts, dedicated radio shows, new bands, cover bands, old bands coming out of retirement. There’s always a coveted concert on the horizon.

BEWARE: losing your MH in a mosh pit of Weller haircuts





Mods & Skins hit the dance floor

Inevitably, when you love music you love to dance and, like his Skinhead & Northern Soul peers Mod Man likes to dance his little Burlington Dublin fine cotton socks off. The Mod, SKA, Northern Soul and related scenes will have dance floors full of men. With a Mod Husband you won’t need to wait for a night out with the girls to enjoy getting messy on the dance floor.

BEWARE: you’ll have to hold your own bag and keep an eye on your own drink!




Beryl & Lammy, our 1959 Series 2 Li Lambrettas

I love the smell of two-stroke in the morning! You don’t get much more showy than a Mod on a scooter in all their peacocking glory. It’s one of the most fun ways to meet people and feel part of a tribe. You will draw a crowd and you will feel special! And, whilst they may not admit it your MH is DEFINITELY looking for an excuse to buy more scooters so, if you haven’t already, get off the back and get riding!

BEWARE: wasps in your open face helmet!




Riding high above Hyde Park, waiting for The Who

One of the best things about being married to your best friend is the adventures you share together. Once a male dominated environment (a reflection of the time rather than the scene) more and more couples are enjoying the Mod and Scooter scenes together. When we’re old and grey(er), and we’ve traded in our two wheels for mobility scooters we’ll be able to snuggle under our coordinating tartan blankets, and scroll through the memories of our shared adventures.

BEWARE: putting off until tomorrow what you should be enjoying today!

Riding high above Hyde Park waiting for Johnny Marr, Paul Weller & The Who




  1. Joan Frame says

    True! Although I’m the mod and hubby is a scooter boy. The smell of two stroke is like nothing else. Getting excited before setting off to a rally or ride out. Nothing like it. Putting your helmet on and getting astride your scooter. I’m sixteen again. I never thought I’d still be getting the same feelings in my fifties. Class!


  2. The Mod Closet says

    Hi Joan, I never thought I’d find myself on a scooter in middle age, full stop 🙂 But I’m sure the silliness keeps us young!


  3. The Mod Closet says

    That’s so good to know Patrick… George is not alone 🙂


  4. Kyla Beresford says

    I love my MOD man! We met Pail Weller last summer at a tiny club in Indianapolis.


  5. Um, good write up, but i think you are talking 1950’s / early 60’s Modernists, not the late 60’s Mods / scooterboys. I’m an ex mid 60’s Mod from Reading, and definitely no interest in Weller or The Jam or any revival stuff. But it was funny reading through. My wife is a lot younger than me and has no interest in anything Mod, so i have two wardrobes and two chests of drawers full of clobber and nowhere to wear it to. Deepest Deven is not much of a Mod gig place. Oh and i thought Mosh Pits were for Punks, as my 23 y.o. son is full on Punk, though i suppose that is Punk revival now 🙂 Oh well back to FB, Have a great day.


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